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June 2014 Program: Beth Frede, Letting Go of Perfect: have more fun and stay motivated through the summer

Beth Frede photoWhat you do in your business today will impact your business three months from now.

So let me ask you…

Are you excited to work through the summer, or is your stomach sinking, thinking about it? Do you have a plan for how you’ll ramp up your productivity and client-attraction while everyone else is dreaming about the beach?

Let’s take the pressure off, and create space to be perfectly imperfect. Redefine your “Big Why,” gain some practical tips for tuning in to your inner wisdom, and learn how to be more productive while working less hours!

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Beth Frede is founder of Creative Revelations, LLC where she empowers introspective, creative women to get back in synch and live with maximum joy and fulfillment. Through coaching, classes, and workshops, she teaches her clients how to get out of their own way, realign with their true nature, and live their bigger purpose one simple shift at a time.

Beth uses a multi-sensory approach of coaching, teaching and hands-on creativity for deeper self-discovery. As a result, her clients discover their potential and gain personal insights on a deeper level, and are able to move towards their goals more quickly.


Beth Frede

Creative Revelations – Life Coaching & Self-discovery Art 

    for Creatives, Intuitives and Introvertrepreneurs



Phone: (603) 770-6373

The Seacoast Women’s Network May Networking Night! 2014

2014 May networking night

“SWN Networking Night”
May 13, 2014

SWN welcomes you to its annual Networking Night!

Different from our usual meetings which feature a specific speaker, Networking Night lets you be the presenter! The evening gives our members the opportunity to present their products and services directly to the entire group. Each member may reserve half a table to display their actual products and collateral materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and business cards. Everyone gets the chance before and after dinner to circulate around the room and get an in-depth view of each business and what they offer.

It’s a perfect opportunity to spend more time with people you may have met and briefly chatted with at previous meetings, and to see their product lines up close and personal. Exhibitors are encouraged to offer products for sale, discounts and samples.

There is no additional charge to reserve table space, but please remember that you must register and pay for dinner as you do for every month’s program.

To register for table space, e-mail Networking Night’s coordinator, Amy Pollard at or call her at 603-659-6259. We have room for 50 exhibitors, so don’t wait too long  to sign up!

On the night of the event, you can arrive as early as 5pm to set up your table. Space is given out on a first-come first-serve basis, so do come early if possible to get a table of your choice, particularly if you need an outlet.

Networking Night also features a raffle where exhibitors may choose to give away a prize representative of their business. It’s always fun to win a prize!

We look forward to seeing you for this highly enjoyable and productive evening!

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Did you miss our March Event with Dr. Deborah Osgood?

Dr. Deborah Osgood of the Knowledge Institute for Small Business Development is a wealth of knowledge for business professionals. She is the creator and chief architect of numerous innovative learning systems.  We learned how our relationship with money as an adult regarding personal and business finance is created by what we heard about money when we were very young.  This old “model” can keep us from reaching our goals and make us feel stuck.

In order to not feel stuck in habits and perspectives that directly affect our ability to achieve our personal and business financial goals for growth, there is an effective process that clears the path. Dr. Osgood took us through a logical thought process and exercises to apply her concepts.

We never seem to have time to develop goals and the plan to achieve them, but we spend a lot of time worrying and stewing over decisions. Is time going so fast it’s working against you? Spending time differently by using these free tools and accessing experts in business for consultation through her website will redirect and create a new dialogue with ourselves about money. In our interactive session, we had several “AHAs” that made us aware of how we were getting in our own way. It was experiential and we received tangible tools to help us focus in a straightforward, uncomplicated way.

Give your business the “gift” of planning. It will help you make better decisions about your time, your tasks and activities, and knowing if you are heading in the right direction.

Leverage the expertise and tools provided by Dr. Osgood.  If you didn’t make it to the session, then check out her website Also, consider networking with someone that attended the session and coach each other.

Thank you Dr. Osgood and Molly O’Donnell, Marketing Assistant, for your generous advice.

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