June 2012 Program – The Zen of Negotiation

The Zen of Negotiation: How to Simplify, Stay Calm, and Succeed When Negotiating at Work and Home

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The word “negotiation” typically evokes images of gamesmanship, horse-trading, even manipulation. But in most negotiations at work and home, those approaches don’t work because they inadvertently damage the personal or professional relationship. There is a way to negotiate powerfully and successfully and actually strengthen the relationship in the process. In this one-hour program, you’ll learn how it’s done, including:

  • The secret to being a confident, strong negotiator without compromising kindness and collaboration.
  • The key to keeping your balance and your cool when negotiations get tense.
  • A non-recipe negotiation approach you don’t have to memorize to master.
  • The three most important negotiation skills to practice and how to use them every day.

Presenter Bio
For more than two decades Dr. Tammy Lenski has built consensus, created alignment in organizational teams, inspired individuals to find and fine-tune their persuasive voice and taught better negotiation skills to thousands. A former college vice president, she founded Tammy Lenski LLC, a NH-based conflict resolution and negotiation consulting firm, in 1997.

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