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Women and Finances: Throw Like a Girl!

September 25, 2012

5 Ways to Change Everything Doing What You’re Already Doing

Program by Kiva Leatherman

For most of our lives, we’ve been taught that the key to success is to work hard, save 10% toward our retirement and buy some good insurance. We’ve been taught that the approval of others is more important than our own desires and ambitions, and that the measure of a woman is her sacrifices and not her accomplishments. Well… times have changed, and as women, we are by and large making the financial decisions for ourselves, our businesses and our families. We can decide, powerfully, how we want to spend our time and emotional energy. Learn a new definition of the word “investment” and make decisions with your feminine intuition, values and purpose.

You will leave with a new definition of a great investment and a newfound respect for the collective power of our financial decisions.

In this program you will learn:

  • A broader, more inclusive definition of the word investment and how women can change everything with our investment decisions
  • Five shifts in thinking about how we spend our money, time and intellectual capacity that embrace a more feminine approach than what we’ve been taught
  • The definition of personal currency and WHY it is the most valuable asset in your life

Kiva Leatherman is the Founder of the Wise Women Network, which inspires women to live up to their worth – emotionally, physically and financially. Kiva encourages women to know themselves, to know about their money, and to achieve success and happiness on their terms.

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