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Community Resources

Portsmouth, N.H. This site lets you know what is happening in the area, what the weather will be, shares lovely photos of the Region, smart Quotes of the Day, and a great collection of Web Sites of the Day. If you want to go to a movie, go here first.

Seacoast, N.H. is the OTHER seacoast site, also excellent. Anyone considering listing their businesses and services with these directories should visit this site. They receive a tremendous amount of traffic from savvy cybersurfers.

WMUR is just a terrific media web site that truly serves the Southern NH Community. From School Closings to Megan’s Law Listings, they cover the gamut.

Foster’s Daily Democrat The Foster’s Daily Democrat on-line portal has a great comprehensive site that is also a real service to the community. It is very well organized and has great information from local business news to recipes, culled from a variety of sources. Wondering about that big accident you just saw on Route One or the fire site in the distance, go to Foster’s and you’ll get the entire scoop.

Portsmouth Herald is the Portsmouth Herald’s on-line site. It is informative and a great way to access the latest about community services like trash pickup/school closings/agency links. The national news is well presented also.

Women’s Media

Focus on Business Women including various personal and business aspects.

Women Inspiring Women

We bring super cool chicks together for education, empowerment, personal development, networking and lots of fun!

Portsmouth chapter coming to Portsmouth area in April 2010!


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