Newsletters (2011-2012)

Please note that we no longer will be offering a Newsletter. Instead, you can find all your up to date SWN information right here on our website! 

For a limited time, you will find the 2011-2012 SWN Newsletter Archive below.  Below are the links to our previous e-newsletters in PDF format. You can read online or print it out to read on paper – your choice! (you may need to click the link again if it opens in a new window – some browsers will do this).
If you would like a copy of a previous newsletter, please contact us and we’ll send you a pdf of that issue.

June 2012 SWN Newsletter

May 2012 SWN Newsletter

Apr 2012 SWN Newsletter

Mar 2012 SWN Newsletter

Feb 2012 SWN Newsletter

Jan 2012 SWN Newsletter

Nov 2011 SWN Newsletter

Oct 2011 SWN Newsletter

Sept 2011 SWN Newsletter.pdf

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