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Joining the Network is easy!

Please email Elizabeth Bennett your questions regarding SWN membership or contact us via our Contact Page.

Please send the completed form and your check to:

Seacoast Women’s Network
P.0. Box 1585
Portsmouth, NH 03802

 In addition, be sure to add your personal and business information for our directory!

 Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive

  • Monthly networking dinners and programs
    ($25 per dinner program)
  • SWN Membership Directory
  • Use of Networking tables at our dinner meetings
  • Use of a table at our annual Networking Night
  • Invitation to our annual members only Holiday Party
  • Build great new friendships
  • Linked-in to SWN’s online networking group

Membership Directory

The Network publishes an annual directory of all members and their personal information which includes all our members listed by name and company. Be sure you download your copy!

SWN Directory Spring 12-13 (password protected pdf)

Please note that out of respect for our fellow members, it is our policy NOT to use the SWN directory as a database for mailings but rather for networking purposes. It is acceptable and encouraged to reach out to specific people directly, but we ask that you utilize other tools for marketing.

You are welcome to use SWN’s LinkedIn Group and Facebook Page to share information and post events.

A good way to get SWN women to “opt in” to your email mailing list is to reserve a table at one of the SWN meetings and put out a sign-up sheet inviting members and guests to sign up to receive newsletters, specials, or information from you via email.

Dues Policy

New member’s dues are $45.00 if joining between September and December,  which includes a $5 administration fee. If you join between January and June, dues are $25 including a $5 administration fee. Membership renewals are $40.00 per year and are due in September.

Membership will expire if dues are not received by the due date. The member’s name will be removed from the newsletter mailing list and the directory. A member whose membership has expired may rejoin at any time at the new member’s fee. Until then, she will be considered to be a guest for dinner/meeting and voting purposes.

Volunteering – SWN needs you!

Volunteering is the vital force that makes it possible for SWN to be the dynamic and inviting networking organization it is. We are indebted to the gracious and dedicated volunteers, who, year after year, guide and implement the principles of SWN, which is to create, maintain, and grow a vibrant network of entrepreneurial women

Offering your time, energy and experience not only benefits SWN, but also provides the opportunity for you to have some fun, be creative, and make a difference in helping to shape and support this all-volunteer organization. If you would like to volunteer, SWN provides many kinds of opportunities for all levels of interest. We gratefully welcome and appreciate any amount of participation you choose, be it serving on the Board, being on a committee, or helping out at an event. Whatever assistance you give makes a significant contribution to the well-being of SWN.