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SWN January 23, 2018 Program

  • 23 Jan 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Sheraton Portsmouth


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Are You Confident About Your Financial Future?

SWN Presents: Tips to achieve your lifetime goals and find financial freedom.

A Panel Discussion with Pat Bennet from Longevity Planning,
Joy Riddell from  Robinson, Boesch, Sennott & Masse P.A. 
and Mary Gail Sycamore from Morgan Stanley

The future is uncertain, but when we have a plan to address the anticipated and the unexpected events in life we are better equipped to reach our goals. Plan for your financial future.

We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.   --Bertha Calloway

Did you know…?

  • Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the US
  • Women earn a majority of college degrees: Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate.
  • Women are more often the primary breadwinner in families and account for 85% of all consumer purchases (that’s a lot power!)
  • Over 9 million businesses are owned by women employing more than 8 million people.

That’s the good news!

The bad news is…

  • Women earn less than men AND spend more time out of the workforce; this means they may have less saved when they hit retirement and get less in Social Security benefits.
  • Women are expected to live an average of 6.5 years longer than men—but that doesn’t mean those years will be healthy ones. And medical expenses are increasing faster than inflation.
  • Forty-four percent of women say they cannot afford to save for retirement. Nearly half say they are not confident about being financially secure in retirement.
  • Fifty-one percent says they worry about money at least once a week! These women are more likely to blame financial concerns for stress, hurting their social lives and health.

Oh, there’s more, but instead of dwelling on bad news, let’s turn this ship around, batten down the hatches, arm ourselves with knowledge and action plans, then set sail toward a life with less stress and greater financial security.  

We’ve assembled a panel of experts from the insurance, asset management and estate planning industries to arm you with strategies to help you keep your financial boat afloat. Once you see a clear course you will gain the freedom to focus on other things in life: your career, your family and your overall well-being.


Pat Bennett

Patricia L. Bennett, CLTC, LUTCf is President of Longevity Planning in Portsmouth NH.   Pat is a Certified Long Term Care counselor with over thirty years of experience in insurance planning.  She holds a degree in both finance and psychology.   Pat has been very instrumental in helping families protect their dreams with the right health, life and disability income protection plans.   She also works with clients to preserve their wealth and independence with long term care planning. 

As a family caregiver herself, Pat is aware of the emotional and financial dynamics involved in long term care planning.  She is a recognized as a passionate advocate, educator and a great friend among the seacoast eldercare community.

Pat is also very enthusiastic in the business arena and enjoys motivating and inspiring others.  Her skill as a public speaker has been prominently recognized.   She conducts educational forums locally for consumers and businesses as well as nationally for the insurance and financial services industry.  She has been documented as one of the top 100 long term care brokers in America due to her hard work and compassion.  In her free time, Pat enjoys traveling, sailing, gardening and playing racquetball.

Joy Riddell